The Principal

Nathan Savage resides in Oregon and serves as the head of the Graphic Design Program at Portland Community College. While earning a BFA in Communication Design in his home state of Texas, he completed a summer internship with the New York office of Pentagram. Prior to moving to the Pacific Northwest, Nathan worked for a decade in NYC developing creative solutions at Red Herring Design. Much of this work can be seen in book stores, juke boxes, television sets, and a line of womens footwear carried exclusively by Target.

In addition to having work published in a couple recent issues of Communication Arts, his music package designs have been the primary graphic influence behind the platinum selling Ken Burns Jazz compilation and a Grammy nominated boxed set for SONY. He has been a member of the Type Directors Club for over 15 years and continually pesters his students about typography.

The Pilcrow

As a guide of brand identity and typography, it may be helpful to understand a little about the Principal Type logo. Before the invention of paragraphs, a symbol was used to indicate further elaboration of a written concept. Over time it developed into a pilcrow and became used for paragraph returns.

Whether scattered throughout an authors words or structuring a programmers code, the pilcrow remains invisible. A hidden character signifying the beginning of another line of thought is a fitting icon for a graphic design teacher.

Inspired by foundational design principles, the mark can be easily replicated using Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed, three squares, and a circle.